Seven Color Matching Cabinet From Octagon Solutions

Submitted by octagonsolutions | April 18, 2023, 06:04:52 | News

Octagon Solutions offers seven color matching cabinets designed for the most demanding color quality control applications. The cabinet features seven different light sources, including Daylight, D50, D65, TL84, UV, F, and CWF, allowing for accurate color matching under a variety of lighting conditions. The cabinet’s large area and even light distribution ensure accurate color evaluation for a variety of materials including textiles, plastics, paints and more. The cabinet also features a digital control panel that allows easy adjustment of light sources to reduce color distortion, and a large viewing area with a white background. The Seven Color Matching Cabinet is an advanced tool for color matching and quality control, and is ideal for use in industries requiring precise color accuracy, such as automotive, cosmetics and graphic design.


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