New Odia Book Bhakta Kabi Bhima Bhoinka Jibani By Kshetra Mohan Pradhan

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Bhima Bhoi was born in madhupur in redhakhol in 1850, though various sources have cited different years as well as different places of birth. Bhima Bhoi’s family belonged to the Kondh tribe. Bhoi’s family was not well off and by most accounts his early life was not a happy one. His father died when he was quite young. His mother remarried and had children with her new husband soon after.

Bhima Bhoi was a popular poet, composer and singer. Humanity and liberation of the world based on the philosophy of Mahima Dharma were the central theme of his poetic creations. His assertion mo jeevana pachhe narke padithau, jagata uddhara heu showcases his dedication to the upliftment of the societally deprived while being a clear reflection of socio economic conditions in the State, during his lifetime.


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