Asali Khadiratna Panjika Odia Book

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Every Odia household has always included a panji, and that will continue to be the case. According to Pradosh Nanda, a retired employee from the forest department who lives in Cuttack, people still turn the pages of their favourite Panji to find the lucky dates for weddings, thread ceremonies, and other rites. He continues that some even check the almanack to find the best days to begin a voyage or a first endeavour.

Khadiratna Panji is well-known and accepted throughout Odisha; it has the approval of Sankaracharya, the Mukti Mandap Pandit Sabha, Jagannath Temple Puri, and Gajpati Maharaja. The author Khadiratna makes the observation that despite the advance of technology, careful calculations and precise projections have been maintaining the success of the Panji. Our Asali Khadiratna Panji correctly foresaw both the 1999 Super Cyclone and the 2014 Cyclone Hudhud that devastated Odisha.


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